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3 Lip-smacking Chicken Dishes in Sydney to Try Now!

The COVID-19 Pandemic may have halted economic activity for many industries in Australia but definitely not the food industry, especially poultry businesses. Groceries, food shacks, meal prep deliveries, and even chicken restaurants continue to serve up delicious poultry, fresh or cooked. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, meat and poultry products account for 9.2 percent of the total weight of foods and beverages purchased in 2019-2020. It’s also the 7th most consumed sub-major food group just behind red meats (like beef, lamb, and pork) and bread.

While the data indeed tells us how much Aussies love their chicken, it doesn’t really say what our favorite chook shacks are. Here in Sydney, there are dozens of chicken joints that are both celebrated and have yet to be discovered. They’re also very diverse: you can try out a Chinese, Korean, American, or even a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney that offers their own version of a chicken dish (or dishes!). But when it comes to the best, here are three must-try chicken specials.

Fried chicken and donut

If you’re tired of the usual chicken and chips plate you’ve been having for weeks, this dish will make you appreciate fried chicken again. Somewhere in the riverbanks of Parramatta lies a popular chook spot among Instagramming millennials. The reason: it serves up a very unique combination of donuts and fried chicken on one plate. You got that right. It’s a fried chicken chop resting on a pillowy and golden brown donut topped with salted butter! This is not something you’ll usually get in a typical chicken restaurant so it’s definitely worth trying!

Korean roasted chicken

A few years ago, Australia caught up with the global Korean culture wave and was left with their version of boy bands and fried chicken. While we’ve had a taste of that many times, it’s their take of the roasted chicken that we never really got a hold of. If you’re curious to know more about it, there’s this chicken restaurant in Haymarket serving up some really delicious Korean roasted chicken. They even serve it in a UFO fondue of gooey and creamy cheese!

Lebanese roast chicken

Last but not least on this list is a taste of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. If your tastebuds have gone bland from eating your usual foodstuffs, there is a place that serves the most phenomenal charcoal chicken in Granville. Known as Farrouj Meshwi, this chicken is unbelievably marinated in a medley of spices including cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cumin, and paired with a garlic sauce to die for. While simply roasted in charcoal, the chicken explodes in so much flavor, you will forget what this dish is called in Lebanese!

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