Head Winemaker

Karl GumplKarl Gumpl has been with Amphora Wine Group since 2010. Having completed the world renowned Oenology (Winemaking) Degree at Adelaide University, South Australia, Karl has since been working both domestically and internationally in a variety of positions in different sectors of the wine industry. He has worked vintages in various wine regions in South Australia as well as abroad in Canada’s Okanagan Valley and Portugal’s Alentejo region.

Karl has gained extensive knowledge from working alongside many different winemakers and with a wide range of grape varieties in both cool and warm climates, on boutique and commercial scales. He has produced award-winning red and white wines as well as having hands-on experience in producing sparkling wines and even ice wines.

Karl has comprehensive experience with the demanding process of exporting shipments of Australian wine to the world, especially into the growing Asian market. With Amphora’s focus on exporting, Karl has learned the importance of providing wines that suit the palates of our destination markets.