Wine Labelling

Amphora Wine Group is one of very few Australian wine businesses that actually owns and operates their own wine labelling machine. This unique facility enables Amphora to offer labelling and packaging as a service to existing and new clients of the Australian Wholesale business.

Amphora provide customers with the facilities to enable suppliers to deliver product ‘just in time’ to their market place packaged correctly and accordingly to specific orders. This eliminates the burden of potentially losing a sale or having to ‘de frock’ or ‘de label’ wine, which can be time consuming and expensive.

The complete Amphora wine production includes:

  • Labelling and packing
  • Supply of cartons and dividers to suit bottles
  • Cartons taped, glued or flapped
  • Capsules (PVC)
  • Application of capsules (heat only)
  • Carton label applied if required
  • Secure storage on site premises at a competitive rate.

Labelling machine specifications:

  • The two head labeller is capable of labelling up to 16 pallets / 1024 dozen in a working day, based on a standard label and pack.
  • Industry standard 4
  • 76mm cores
  • Left hand leading edge application
  • One label per web is preferred however we can run single or wrap label jobs.

Label Specifications documents: