Buyers Own Brand – Private Label

The Amphora Wine Group is one of Australia’s leading purveyors of finished wine for private label.

In addition to our own Branded Wines, Amphora Wine Group can help customers establish their own Brands. Customers can design or supply their own labels to be used on our wide range of cleanskin wines. This gives the customer brand-ownership and complete control over design, pricing, marketing and distribution.

The Amphora Wine Group’s services include:

  • Advice from AWG Winemaking team;
  • Introduction to world recognised label designers and printers;
  • Complete packaging advice on bottle closure, carton etc;
  • Advice on intellectual property compliance/brand registration;
  • Compliance check for legality of label mandatories;
  • Help with label over-stickers as required;
  • Label application free of charge.


Corporate and Personal Labels

Amphora Wine Group can also assist you to develop your own private wine label for business or personal use. Amphora offers exceptional value for money finished and packaged wine at competitive prices. Amphora can supply the wine, bottling, label design and label application services for all custom projects, and all from one location.

Corporate Customers can develop a wine label as a unique business gift or staff incentive. Private labels can be developed for marketing purposes, seminars, trade shows and business events. Amphora can also provide wines for fundraising purposes. Work directly with our in house graphic art team to create a label that is specifically designed to your needs.

Private Labels can be developed for personal occasions including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, and special events or for your own cellar.

Contact Amphora with any queries or to obtain a quote.