One of the earliest references to the Stonyfell Vineyard dates back to 1858 where it refers to the vineyard of 25 acres. The original plantings were Black Portugal and Muscatel grapes. The soil is a rich loam with a limestone and slate sub-soil. Since 1858 there has been plantings of Mataro and other Spanish varieties and now because of urban development the vineyard supports 5 acres of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon vines.

Between 1858 and 1868 the original wine cellars were built of stone quarried on-site. The building was two-storeyed and built into the side of the hill. The original buildings are now unused but still stand today.

The martin family who owned the Stonyfell Vineyard were originally from an area in England known as The Fells. These were barren and stony slopes very similar to the area the Martin family names Stonyfell. The name Stonyfell has become well known to many generations of South Australians as the source of good sandstone and excellent wine.

The peak of production and storage at Stonyfell Winery was one and a half million gallons. By the end of the nineteenth century the wines of Stonyfell Winery were becoming internationally known. It was in this period that the wines won an important award at the Paris Exposition of 1889.

Awards were also won in 1908 at the Franco-British Exposition and Gold in Sydney in 1913. The quality of the wines produced at the Stonyfell Winery has always been of the highest standard. Many awards and medals have adorned the bottles of wines sold here at the Stonyfell Winery. The 1961 vintage of Stonyfell Claret was the inaugural winner of the coveted Jimmy Watson Trophy in 1962.

Wines from the Stonyfell Winery were first exported to England towards the end of the nineteenth century.

The Amphora Wine Group and our Cellar Door (Stonyfell Cellars) operated out of the historic Stonyfell Winery site since 2001 supplying award winning wines of quality and distinction to both domestic and international markets.

In January 2017, after many years based at Stonyfell, we made the exciting move to 80 Leader Street, Forestville.