AMPHORA WINE GROUPAmphora Wine Group’s International Trade division provides bulk and bottled Australian wines exclusively to International customers. Amphora exports quality Australian wine at competitive price points to international wine customers in more than 15 countries worldwide including China, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, The USA and England.

Our success in the international wine marketplace is because we offer quality Australian Wine competitively priced and delivered to our international clients with a minimal delay meeting all international requirements. Amphora Wines has the production capacity to supply hand crafted wines to our “Private label” customer base as an alternative to only being able to supply proprietary branded wines.

Amphora Wines are offered to International clients as follows:

  1. Bottled and or blended wines into a brand owned by you
  2. An Amphora Wine Group brand supplied under license

Note: All Amphora Wine Group brands have the mandatory requirements and approvals from Australia’s regulatory body – Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA). Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and exclude applicable taxes.

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Amphora Wine Group Brochure PDF (7.6mb)



Wine products encounter various weather and temperature variations during transit and shipping from vineyard/bottling plant to final destination. The PDF spreadsheet below details the average monthly temperature by country and by city, listing land and (where relevant) water temperatures.

World Temperature Averages PDF

Export enquiries: admin@amphorawines.com.au